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Jun 27, 2012 · So you’ve taken my earlier advice and used the free and open-source FreeNAS operating system to convert an old desktop PC into a server, instead of consigning it to the e-waste heap.

I read a lot of things about remote access for freenas. First of all, you aren't accessing your FreeNAS. You are accessing a VM on your network, that is running in your FreeNAS box. Different things. Is opening these 2 ports unsafe ? It is as safe as those applications allow it. Any vulnerability in those applications can be exposed in this way. Accessing FreeNas Network Remotely - Servers and NAS May 13, 2019 Install Nextcloud on FreeNAS – Linux Hint Root access to the said FreeNAS installation; Installing Nextcloud Plugin. A nextcloud plugin can be installed from the FreeNAS web interface itself, in a couple of clicks. Just login to your server as root, go to plugins (from the top menu, if you are using the older UI) and from there to …