May 19, 2016

Find out more about the limitations on sending email and about your email settings with Comcast. Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Does Spectrum Throttle Internet? - Reviewed by Pro Jan 23, 2020 How Can I Tell If My Internet Provider Is Throttling Jun 27, 2019

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Jun 24, 2020

Feb 04, 2009

I can definitively say that the speed is throttled whether on purpose by Comcast or by hardware. I recently switched my set up from SB6121 and Linksys E3200 to the Comcast-provided gateway because my HOA started to include internet with the cable bundle (100Mb Blast) and it came up with a free wifi gateway (DPC3941T aka XB3). FCC formally rules Comcast's throttling of BitTorrent was FCC formally rules Comcast's throttling of BitTorrent was illegal. Regulators may be on shaky legal ground when voting 3-2 to say that BitTorrent throttling violated Net neutrality rules, a first Warning: Comcast is Now Throttling Broadband | Tom's Guide However, Comcast said that there will still be traffic blocks, but only in extreme cases. According to the document, Comcast's throttling with have two trigger conditions. How to Bypass Internet Throttling - Easy Workaround to