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家用带宽二级路由openwrt设置ipv6_fjh1997的博客 … 2020-7-22 · 拓扑结构,中国移动家庭智能网关GS3101 + OpenWrt GCC 5.3.0 12009GS3101 为一级主路由,是光猫直接拨号,通过GS3101到一个lan口接到openwrt的wan口。其中分配给gs3101网关的ipv6前缀是60位,二级路由获取到该前缀后,给二级路由下属设备 Are you disabling IPv6? Maybe you should stop — and … (Every router, firewall, or intelligent switch that I have tested over the last several years either performs at the same speed or --generally-- faster with IPv6 disabled.) The point of the matter is, that even if IPSec were the standard/default for IPv6, all that would do is encrypt the …

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2011-4-7 · IPv6 architecture and firewall - requirements – No need to NAT – same level of security with IPv6 possible as with IPv4 (security and privacy) – even better: e2e security with IPSec – Weaknesses of the packet filtering cannot be made hidden by NAT – Support for

Jun 27, 2014 · There are two common configurations that I see constantly which really need to be addressed. Those two things are Windows Firewall and IPv6. In case this article becomes a victim of TL;DR, let me cut to the chase. Windows Firewall should be ON. And IPv6 should be ENABLED. The reasons why are just past the break. Windows Firewall